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Japanese Beetle Inc. has been rated highest in the "Consumers Check Book" customer satisfaction survey's for Customer Satisfaction, Quality & Best Price for over 15 years. 

Here are just some of the most recent testimonials from our customers.
The last names below were removed to protect the privacy of our customers.


February 7, 2018

Dear Sirs:

Thank you!

Years ago, when i was a teenager, I brought my 1978 Honda Accord to you several times. Once the clutch was slipping, and you showed me how I could adjust it the next time it happened and saved myself a trip to the shop. Another time I hadn't accounted for how long it would take to repair my car and needed to get home (teenagers!), and you loaned me bus fare.

It's 30+ years later and now my son is 21 and drives my old 2007 Prius. When its heater was having problems recently and he wasn't sure where to take it, I told him my stories of Japanese Beetle, so of course he brought it in. And you fixed his car quickly, identifying a much simpler problem than the broken heater core we had feared.

I don't think I ever thanked you back when I was a teenager, though I should have (again teenagers!). But I told my story to friends and family. And hopefully it's not too late to tell you how grateful I am for your help then, and how proud you should be to run a business with such kindness and integrity. 


Cricket L. of San Jose, Ca. (Customer since 1984)

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"Very Pleased!"

"Since 1987 when I started using Japanese Beetle I have had peace of mind in
Auto Repair. I trust the advice and recommendations given when I take my car in
for service. Mike and Dave and Keith have saved many, many dollars for me over the years and for the friends I have recommended to them. I drop the car off, pick it up and drive away satisfied. If I do have questions, the answers are handled quickly and completely. I understand the high quality ratings and am very pleased to be satisfied Japanese Beetle customer."

Sandi H. of Santa Clara, Ca. (Customer since 1987)

"Honest Fantastic Professionals!"

"I've taken all my past cars to these guys, and my family has been going here for years. They're fantastic professionals who have always been honest with me whenever I had a problem. They always seem to have my interests in mind more than making money, and I'll always recommend them for that.

To illustrate that: When I had my very first car long ago, someone hit my front end and since it was an old car the insurance company wanted to total it. I was devastated and took the car to Mike and Dave to see if it would be worth taking a salvage title and fixing it back up. After looking it over for a day, Dave called me and told me that while they could fix the damage from the accident, the transmission had some serious issues unrelated to the accident and was going to end up needing replacing in not too long. He told me to take the total, even though it meant he'd be passing up a big chunk of money.

I love these guys and the only reason I don't take my car to them right now is that my new car is on a manufacturer maintenance plan. But you can bet when that's up, I'll be back at Japanese Beetle for all my services. And you can bet that anyone with a Japanese car who tells me they're having car troubles hears an enthusiastic recommendation for Japanese Beetle."

Brandon B. of San Jose Ca. (Customer since 1994) Y

"I trust them 100%!"

"My family, neighbors, friends and I have been all going to Japanese Beetle since the late 70's. The boys at Japanese Beetle are like our distant family, we send them holiday gifts and exchange hello's from others we know that come to Japanese Beetle. Mike and David are so friendly, nice and considerate. Their service is like no other. I don't know how they do it but they never let me down. Always on time and always honest with a little humor thrown in at no extra charge. I trust them 100% and I know so does my family and friends that use them. Its nice to go to a shop that the owners operate and run themselves, you can trust them to remember and know what they are talking about because your talking to a mechanic not a puppet on the phone or in the office."

Willie N. of Pleasanton, Ca (Customer since 1976) CCB

"This is the place to go!"

"If you own a Japanese car, this is the place to go to get it serviced.

I have an older Toyota and find that when I take it to other places I'm told that I need to repair things that add up to more than the value of my car.

I've never found this to be the case at Japanese Beetle. They always give an honest assessment of what work you "should" get done versus what you "could" get done and what the effects of doing so would be short-term and long-term.

My parents and I have been taking our cars here since a friend told us about the place a couple of years ago.

Service is efficient and done at a fair price. However, they do tend to get busy so sometimes it's hard to get an appointment so definitely call as soon as you know you have an issue."

Tasmin S. of San Francisco, CA (Customer since 2009) Y

"You can trust!"

"STOP! You don't need to go to any other auto repair than right here (Japanese and Korean Models only). I've been coming here since 1997 (that's right folks) with my 1997 Honda Accord Wagon. Mike and Dave are the BEST. Fair, honest, quality auto repair & reliable on time delivery. I support our local independents. Even better when they provide outstanding service with a smile. I highly recommend. NO frills but who needs your car washed and pickup service when you can TRUST the mechanic who works on your car?"  

EK Lee of Sunnyvale, CA (Customer since 1997)  G

"Outstanding Service"

"Outstanding service, professional, timely, and informed. I have been bringing all my cars to Japanese Beetle for years and will continue to do so!" 

Angela H.  of Sunnyvale, CA (customer since 2004 ) G

"Fair & Honest!"

"I always got fair and honest service from the team at Japanese Beetle when I serviced my Acura there. They manage their appointments so well i never have waited more than three or four minutes to be seen for service. If I ever get another Asian car I will bring it back to these guys in a heartbeat!" 

Brydon R. of San Jose, CA (Customer since 2001) G

"I'm So Happy I Found This Place!"

"This place is amazing! I took my car into another service shop and got told I needed a ton of work at a very big price. I remembered some friends telling me about Japanese Beetle shop and decided to call them. When I called Mike  answered and he was incredibly helpful, thoughtful and very friendly. Not to mention a great listener. I am so glad I made that call and decided to come in. I brought my car in and it was very clear how honest this place was. When I drove it out after the repairs, it felt like I was driving a brand new car.  I will continue to bring my car here and tell anyone that is looking for a mechanic to bring their car. I'm so happy that I found this place I have never felt taken advantage of and have always experienced friendly, knowledgeable, respectful service from the staff.  
It gives me great peace of mind to know I can trust  Mike & Dave and the team at Japanese Beetle to advise me and maintain my vehicles, and I highly recommend them.
Thank you guys very much! 

Milena J. of Santa Clara, CA (Customer since 2015) 

"This Place is a Gem!"

"This place is outstanding. They are great mechanics and do a very good job - at a very fair price! What really makes them stand out is their no frills, honest approach. They will diagnose and fix what's wrong with your car./ I've never felt they're searching for issues that aren't there to get more out of you. I've been coming to Japanese Beetle for years, and my car is running great, with 231K miles on it. Mike and the rest of the Japanese Beetle team deserve their due credit for that. If you have a import car, bring it to Japanese Beetle to get service. You will be happy you did! This place is a gem." 

Ryan S. of Pleasanton, CA (Customer since 2000). G

"Good Trustworthy Business!"

"Stumbled here passing through the area after the Honda dealer said he was too busy to look at my my A/C blows hot air on one of the hottest days of September. I had to drive back home to SoCal. "You know i am never going to come back here right?" is what I said after Mike figured out what was wrong, fixed the fuse, gave me a extra fuse "just in case" and refused to take any of my money for what he called "such a simple thing!" He could have easily gotten a few hundreds off me knowing I was looking at driving 8 hours in 100+ degree weather, but chose to do the right thing instead. Gave me good tips on how to deal with situation if the A/C fails again on the grades (aka Grapevine). The combination of technical automotive expertise and good trustworthy business is so rare in auto shops these days. I highly recommend this place!" 

Vijay U. of Los Angeles, CA G

"Best Auto Mechanics on Earth!"

"Absolute best auto mechanics on earth. We have been going to Japanese Beetle for at least 25 years and I wouldn't trust my car with anyone else. I trust them completely. They are a reputable family owned business, and you couldn't find a more honest place if you tried! I would only buy a car that they can repair. They know everything there is to know and they will tell you what's wrong and what it will take to fix it. The prices are beyond fair and the repairs are flawless. I truly couldn't recommend a business more. If you have any Japanese made car this is the place to go!"

Katherine D. of Los Gatos, CA (Customer since 1990) Y

"Honest, Efficient, Polite & Knowledgeable!"

"I love the way these guys seem to do business. I came in on a Tuesday morning right when they opened and there were already a few people lined up or waiting, so it was mildly busy. Even though the guy out front was dealing with other people he made sure to acknowledge me and said he'll be with me in a few minutes.

I needed an oil change and to check my steering fluid or something because it was really hard to turn my steering wheel. The guy said it would take 45 minutes so I walked to the nearest Starbucks and came back and to my surprise they were already done with my car. Probably took 30 to 35 minutes.

My oil change cost $37, which I believe is standard. He also said I should replace my power steering rack, which would cost $1,100, but he said he didn't want to pressure me into buying it, which I really appreciated. He was honest about it and said it wasn't dangerous - just that my little Kia Rio would drive like a truck.

These guys are honest, efficient, polite, and knowledgeable. I do recommend!"

Grace L. of Sunnyvale, Ca (Customer Since 2011) Y

"Don't Trust the Dealership!"

"I work on my car myself and don't trust the dealer or most shops to work on my car. I've been taking my car here since 2009 for 120K service, belt replacement, AC, amongst other things. Like any place, they could have told me I needed all these things fixed, replaced, etc but they always come out with a simple fix. I've only had to replace things when they actually needed replacing/repair and the price was always great. The one thing you need to look for in car repair shops are the people, service, pricing and trust and they surely have it all."

Arron F. of Sunnyvale, Ca. (Customer Since 2009)

"They are Honest Mechanics!"

"We have been taking our cars, Honda and Toyota, to Japanese Beetle for many years. They are honest mechanics. When the dealership told us we needed to have something done to our car, we had the car checked by Japanese Beetle and they told us that it wasn't necessary.

The bummer is that they don't open on the weekends. Since we don't live that close by anymore, we haven't been able to go to them that much. They do have drop off so you can park your car in the parking lot, fill out a form and put your car key in the envelope so they will get to work on your car first thing the next business day which helps customers like me to still be able to use their service."

B.W. of San Jose, Ca (Customer Since 1998)

"Honest & Reliable and does a Great Job!"

"Since moving back to the Bay Area, I have been searching for a reliable mechanic that does a great job and is HONEST!
I have found the place!
Mike and Dave and their team at Japanese Beetle do a fantastic job and they are very realistic with time/price and honest if work needs to be done.
I will continue to use their shop and I tell everyone I know to do the same.
It is always a pleasure working with them... Just hopefully not too often right?! :)"

Daniel G. of Sunnyvale, Ca (Customer since 2014) Y

"I Wasn't Disappointed!"

"I was in the market for a new mechanic, and after reading the reviews I came here.

I wasn't disappointed, and I'll continue coming here. These guys are honest with you, and want to make sure you're getting the best... and you are. They've solved several of my car problems, and are a pleasure to work with. Even routine car maintenance is a breeze.

I feel good after each time I do business with them, and so does my car."

M. N. of Campbell, Ca (Customer since 2014) Y

"High Quality & Reasonably Priced Work!"

"Service really matters here, that's what keeps me coming back.  My Lexus RX330 has been in their care for the last 6 years and they have treated her like the lady she is.  Once they found a loose oil connection on a routine service that would have (if not found) caused a breakdown or possibly burned out engine.  Easy fix but well done!  They almost always are done when they say the will be and the work is high quality and reasonably priced - I have never felt gouged or treated unfairly.  I drive all the way from Los Gatos to have the car serviced here and feel lucky to have found them.  Highest marks!"

Bob C. of Los Gatos, Ca (Customer since 2010) Y

"The Best and Knowledgeable!"

"This place is the best spot to take any vehicle of Japanese origin.

I have had two Honda's and now an Acura. They never do work I don't need and my car purrs when I drive away each time. The best part about this place is the extensive knowledge they each have. Being able to trust your mechanic and ask questions without having to feel like an idiot after will never get old to me.

I don't take my car anywhere else anymore. If you are local and drive an Japanese car/truck, try it out..."

Joel V. of Mt View, Ca 

"Very Trustworthy & Honest and never push unnecessary work!"

"I'll keep it short and sweet. I have only driven Hondas or Acura's and I've been taking them to Japanese Beetle since I owned my first car 15+ years ago. These guys (Mike and his brother David) are knowledgeable, very trustworthy, and reasonably priced. They never push for unnecessary work, they're honest, and your cars will be well taken care of. Will never trust my cars with anyone else as long as I live in the South Bay Area. :) "

Katy K. of Santa Clara, Ca. (Customer since 1994) 

"They did a Great Job for Much Less!"

"This was second time we used them.  While this was a relatively minor service it was done fast, well and very economically.  Again they did a great job and did it for much less than the dealer or other major service outlets." 

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

PAUL D. of Sunnyvale, Ca (Customer since 2012) AList

"Excellent Experience & Quick!"

"My experience with them has been excellent. Like for an oil change, you can get it done very quickly. You drop your car off there first thing in the morning like at 8 o'clock and they will have it done in 10 minutes. I had the timing belt replaced on my car, and it has been working fine. They do not do body work."

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

James F. of Cupertino, Ca (Customer since 2010) AList

"They were Punctual & Friendly!"

"I found these guys through Angie's list and agree with all the positive comments they have.  It was very easy to schedule the service appointment, they were punctual, friendly, and didn't try to sell me anything extra.  I will definitely be a repeat customer!"

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

Lynne I. of Los Altos, Ca (Customer since 2013) AList

"They were $850.00 less than the Dealer!"

"Very well. They got the job done on time, even in spite of the business next door burning down the night before. They did the work for $850 less than the dealer's estimate. They did not try to sell me anything I didn't need, they drove me to work, and they were courteous and cheerful. They explained all the details of the job very well. I would definitely recommend them to anyone."

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

Joseph C. of Campbell, Ca (Customer since 2010) AList

"Better Job than the Dealership & far less in cost!" 

"They did, in my opinion, a better job than I've had at the Toyota dealerships for much more minor issues, and for far less (considering the tune-up also included a new timing belt). The car runs better than it has in years and I am definitely impressed with the service here. Would definitely recommend."

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

Elizabeth S. of Cupertino, Ca (Customer since 2012) AList

"Honest, Affordable & Great Experience!" 

"Great experience. Honest and affordable work. I gave them a cheap sale by mentioning the belts under the hood but they didn't replace anything that wasn't broken. They even showed me the cracked exhaust manifold when I paid for the service."

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

Grant J. of Cupertino, Ca (Customer since 2013) AList

"I won't go anywhere else!"  

"Mike down there is always great, he is always there to help you and I really trust him. He is a friendly guy and he knows what he is doing. I wonít go anywhere else! Iíve been going to him for many years!"

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

Walter D. of Cupertino, Ca (Customer since 2005) AList

"Very Straight Forward Process!" 

"It was a very straight forward process. I used the evening drop off and after the work was done they held the car for me a few days since we had gone out of town."

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

Steven J. of Los Gatos, Ca (Customer since 2011) AList

"Amazing, I love these guys, extremely trustworthy!"

"Scheduled service for my 1999 Honda Civic, plus trouble shooting from a failed smog test at another facility. They found and solved the problem in less time than they originally estimated. Amazing, I love these guys! We are a 3 Honda family and Japanese Beetle has taken excellent and reasonably priced care of all of our cars. They are straight shooters in their estimates and I feel they are extremely trustworthy."

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

JOHN C. of Campbell, Ca (Customer since 2008) AList

"Thank you Angie's List Patrons for recommending Japanese Beetle!"

"My Toyota had been running sluggish and it felt like the transmission was not shifting properly. Mike and his team completely flushed the transmission fluid which is more involved than just changing the the fluid for $250, and my car runs like a champ! The dealer wanted close to $500 for the same work. Thank you Angie's List patrons for recommending Japanese Beetle, my new and forever mechanic."

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

Cheryl H. of San Jose, Ca (Customer since 2010) AList

"I would use them again!" 

"I brought the car in for 3 items. (1.) Driver window mechanism broke, so the window was stuck down. (2.) Diagnose my SRS light (3.) oil change. This was my first time going here after many years of my in laws telling me I should use them. Always serviced my Honda at Hopkins Honda. I called on a Monday for an appointment on Thursday as that worked better for my schedule. But then my window ended up stuck down and I called back to see if they could take me the next day. They could. Brought the car in the next day and dropped it off around 8AM. They took a look at the window and called me around noon. Told me the problem and I authorized the work. They called again around 4PM saying the car was done. They fixed the window and did the oil change. They diagnosed the SRS light but did not fix it because the issue was with the seat belt and they told me to go to the dealer as this is a warranty item. There was no charge on the SRS light diagnosis because i had a coupon from their website. A bit disappointed that I need to now go to the dealer. Price was reasonable. I would use them again."

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

Nathan C. of Sunnyvale, Ca (Customer since 2010) AList

"I just think they are great!" 

"Japanese Beetle did some major work for us. We had the 60,000 mile service, brake pads, oil change and everything else that goes with the service. I have gone to them several times. I talked to them on the telephone the other day. I called to ask them a question and they were very helpful and very friendly. The cost for the 60,000 mile check was $371.00, the price for brake pads $142.00, and the labor and parts that included oil filter and spark plugs and everything else. The whole thing came to $690.00. I have been going to them for years. I had a Honda before and then I got a Toyota. They weren't doing Toyota at the time but then when they started doing Toyota, I went back to them. I just think they are really helpful. You can call and ask them questions and they explain things to you. I have always had very good service with them. I just think they are great. I will hire them again in the future." 

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

Walter D. of Cupertino, Ca (Customer since 2004) AList

"I have been using them for 20+ years and will continue to do so!"

"I took the car in for some routine maintenance and to have an intermittent starting problem checked. They were unable to find a problem initially as it would not do it for them. I took the car in a second time, and the car stalled on them! Their diagnosis was that the fuel pump relay was defective; they were able to perform the work within 1 business day. I have used these guys for various Honda and Acura vehicles for over 20 years and will continue to do so."

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

Marbel C. of Saratoga, Ca (Customer since 1990) AList

"They have a lot of integrity, I been using them for the past 25 years!"

"I take my car to Japanese Beetle for servicing and maintenance. They have a lot of integrity and their prices are reasonable. I have never had a problem with them in the last 25 years."

Sharron G. of Sunnyvale, Ca (Customer since 1984) AList

"They are Fabulous and Totally Trustworthy!" 

"I have been taking my vehicles to them since the 1990's. They are fabulous. I always feel like I am treated honorably and fairly. They are totally trustworthy, and complete the job when they say they will ! "

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

Bradley Y. of Sunnyvale, Ca (Customer since 1993) AList

"Saved money vs the Dealership, and no hidden charges!"

"I had my 90,000 service done on my 1999 Acura 3.0 CL. I saved over $100 by having the work done at Japanese Beetle instead of the Acura dealer. Work was done as promised with no hidden charges. Japanese Beetle is a family owned business and have been working on my Honda cars for many years prior to this most recent service."

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

Donald G. of (Customer since 1996) AList

"Courteous, Punctual & Reasonable!"

"They were courteous, punctual, and reasonable. Did not install parts that weren't necessary. And accommodated my schedule when I needed my wife's car serviced."

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

Paul W. of Sunnyvale, Ca (Customer since 1999) AList

"My Car is Always Finished on Schedule!" 

"The overall service was excellent just as usual. The worked performed by Japanese Beetle is always finished on schedule. This is our Preferred Honda Repair Service Provider!"

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

Elaine L. of San Jose, Ca (Customer since 1993) AList

"Work is always done as promised & at a fair price!"

"My car has been serviced by Japanese Beetle several times. Each time they are courteous and explain requirements in detail. They also list option items to repair or that may require maintenance in the coming future. Work is always done as promised at a fair price and on time!"

Overall A
Price A
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A

Cheryl O. of Sunnyvale, Ca (Customer since 1999) AList

"Japanese Beetle gets a Genuine Four Stars Rating from me!"

"As the name suggests, they specialize in Japanese cars, so my Toyota truck is right at home at Japanese Beetle.  Japanese Beetle has a reputation for moderate prices and quality service, and though I haven't had more than normal maintenance (so far) performed here, I stand by that assessment.

I always worry about unauthorized work being done during routine procedures (dealers seem to specialize in that), or weird problems suddenly being discovered out of nowhere, often not cheap ones.  This has never happen in my three years of visiting the Beetle, so despite my normal mistrust of auto repairers, I give Japanese Beetle a genuine Four Stars Rating!"

C. A. of Sunnyvale, Ca (Customer since 2009) Y

"I've never been taken advantage of because i'm female!"

"Was recommended Japanese Beetle by my friend who heard about this place from some people at his work...this was nearly 20 years ago.  When I had my Honda Civic, I would bring it here to be worked on.  Will have the husband's CR-V serviced here whenever it starts running rough and he realizes it needs to be maintained.  After I purchased my Acura TSX, I stopped bringing it to the dealer for maintenance and came to Japanese Beetle.  Well, when my service light came up with B14, I knew it was going to be a huge one in terms of cost. I called the dealer and sure enough they wanted my left kidney.  I called Japanese Beetle and when they quoted me a much lower price I had to ask again to make sure I was hearing correctly.

I don't feel like I'm being taken advantage of because I'm female; Mike and Dave are honest and will let me know if they find something wrong ahead of time, not pressuring to get the work done at that time.

Will continue to get my cars serviced here as long as they're around."

Marie F. of San Jose (Customer since 1994) Y

"They are the very last Trustworthy mechanics out there!

"Pros: Its obvious to me that this is one of the very last trustworthy mechanics out there. Their service is honest, quick and fairly priced. I've been going to Honda Dealer for years and every time I leave with a pain in my wallet and feel like I couldn't trust anything quoted. I never feel this way with Japanese Beetle. In fact the owners are down to earth and they tells it how it is, which I greatly appreciate in today's unfortunate masked communication methods.

Cons: Their not closer to my home, they only work on foreign cars. Now I got to find someone to work on my GMC.

Thanks Japanese Beetle."

Bruce V. of Santa Clara, Ca (Customer since 2005 ) Y

"Nice Service!"

"Japanese Beetle changed the timing belt in my 2004 Toyota Highlander.  All the recommended accessories were renewed at the same time: water pump, idler bearing, tensioner and engine drive belts.  The work was done within the day, and for the quoted price (about $1000).  The shop was responsive to this retired engineer's many questions.  The best part was afterwards.  A week later I changed my engine air filter.  I had done that job before, but I was shocked to see the "Check Engine" light at the next startup.  I rechecked my work, but was at a loss to solve the puzzle.  Japanese Beetle took a look at the car, read the diagnostic codes (both for the mass airflow sensor, which is next to the air filter housing).  The tech asked if I had unplugged the MAF sensor?  I had, with the ignition on.  That set the codes, and the shop reset them, turning off the "Check Engine" light.  There was no charge for this service.  Nice service!"

Paul Z. of Sunnyvale, Ca (Customer since 2012) Y

"They saved me $300 and they have my business from now on!" 

"The engine light has been on for months but still ok to drive. The shop I have used 2-3 times told me that the EGR Vacuum Mod is bad and needs to be replaced.

From BBB and Yelp, I found Japanese Beetle and decided to get a second opinion. I took car in around 8:00 am and there were already 3 cars ahead of me. This is my first time here.

Mike said you can not determine the EGR is bad by the computer code alone; he added, Toyota cars very seldom have EGR mod problem but Honda's do break a lot.

After the check, the EGR is solid and no need to replace it. He reset the computer and the engine light went off. In the end, he didn't charge me anything.

Thanks, Mike, you saved me close to $300. From now on, you will have our business."

Dan T. of Cupertino, Ca (Customer since 2013) Y

"They are honest, skilled & helpful!"

"In the 1980s, I had an old Honda Prelude that kept dying when I idled.  I took it to a few mechanics.  Nobody could fix the problem.  These guys put a small relay in and told me to try it out and see if it fixed the problem.  Sure enough, the problem was fixed and I don't even think they charged me anything.  Since then I have trusted this shop.  They're honest, skilled, and helpful."

Bee D. of Mt. View, Ca (Customer since 1984) Y

"The BEST Customer Service!"

"Japanese Beetle worked on my whole family's cars, mine for over a year since I got it.  They always are really helpful, answer any questions, charge fairly, and work hard to get my car back to me fast!  They really know their cars and do the best customer service!"

Rochelle D. of Sunnyvale, Ca (Customer since 1992) Y

"I'm a BIG Fan of Japanese Beetle. Why would you go anywhere else?"

"I'm a big fan of Japanese Beetle. I drive all the way from San Francisco to have them service my car and it is completely worth it! Mike and Dave are friendly, honest, and reliable. They don't do work on your car that is unnecessary and their prices are the best I've seen. I can't figure out why you would go anywhere else."

Janaki T. of San Francisco, Ca (Customer since 1998)

"Honest with Reasonable Prices!" 

"I have been a loyal customer for years. David and the rest of the guys are not only nice, but HONEST and their prices are reasonable. I never go to a dealer, even with my new car. They are certified for all types of Japanese cars."

Becky J. of Sunnyvale, Ca (Customer since 2002)

"Japanese Beetle has been Excellent!"

"My first experience with this shop has been excellent. I brought my Civic into the shop  running on three cylinders without an appointment on a busy day. They diagnosed the problem, found the needed parts, and took care of the repairs that same day.

I have a long commute (from  Marin County to Santa Clara). It is good to know that there is a good Japanese car repair shop close to where I work."

Robert S. of San Rafael, Ca (Customer since 2005)

"Really Honest & Professional! Two Thumbs Up!"

"Several weeks back, strange whining noise came out of my engine even after I shut my car off. It was Friday, so I waited until the next Monday to send it to Japanese Beetle . It turns out the noise came from the engine mount motor which kept running. Mike disconnected the circuit, which doesn't affect the engine performance at all, but saved me hundreds of dollars to replace a new circuit. This time I was finally charged $20. Two thumbs up! 

I first came to the store back in May 2011. because my old I35 always having an annoying P0011 code which couldn't be fixed by other shops. Searched around on Yelp and found Japanese Beetle is amazingly close to where I am living. Mike found a potential problem with Intake valve timing control solenoid but the part was 3 days away. so I was suggested to keep on driving until the light is on.
I was not charged of anything. One month later, the light was on again, I brought it back. Mike checked it out, same code but didn't see the same problem with the part, so he cleared the code again.
I was not charged of anything. Last week, the light was on again, I brought it in today. it turns out to a loose gas tank cap. David fixed it without any charge again!

Wow Japanese Beetle is really honest and professional!" 

Fei X. of Sunnyvale, Ca (Customer since 2011) Y

"I won't go anywhere else!"

"I've been taking my cars here for years, and won't go anywhere else. These guys provide great service, they are honest and won't rip you off. Sometimes they don't even charge me for minor stuff.

They kept one of my cars going for 20 years, and that's with hard driving.

Even though I got free maintenance service at the dealership, I wouldn't let a dealer touch my car. The yelp reviews of the dealer service confirmed my suspicions."

D.L of Los Gatos, Ca. (Customer since 1991)

"Great Honest People at Japanese Beetle!"

"Great people at Japanese Beetle. Always honest and listen to my needs and concerns. They are very open and don't play games. If they say I need something then I know I need it. I came to them from another shop which tried to take me for a idiot! I asked a co-worker who they take their Lexus too and they sent me to Japanese Beetle. This was back in 2001 and I am so happy i found them. I have since married and we now have a Honda Odyssey also because Japanese Beetle works on them as well as Lexus."

Michael K. of Mt. View, Ca (Customer since 2001) Merc

"I know I am in Good-Trusted Hands!"

"Are you kidding me? This place is so awesome I would give you my kidney if you don't agree.

I am not a know-it-all about cars, but I bring my Accord here for the past few years and always know I am in good-trusted hands. I just got back from taking my car today, and once again excellent service , and LOW price. I was reco'ed this place through another mechanic. It seems they have a good rep among their peers as well as customers!

Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and other Japanese cars! Consider this a billboard for them! Best place ever."

Da'Shawnda of San Francisco, Ca

"They will NOT rip you off!"

"If you have a Japanese car, take it here to get serviced. My family has gotten their car serviced here ever since the early 1990's, and they have  always rave about it.

In the car business, it is very hard to find honest people. The guys who work at the Japanese Beetle are very honest and they will not rip you off. I get my services and repairs done at half the price the Toyota dealership charges, and I know that the actual repairs and inspections were completed.

Make sure you make an appointment to see these guys. They only work Monday through Friday from 8-5. I highly recommend this place!"

Mai L. of San Francisco, Ca (Customer since 1991)

"Honest, Friendly & Over The Top Service!"

"I'm very particular about who I take my car to, as my car has high mileage and needs more care.  I've noticed Dealerships will charge a much higher fee to do services and work for your car when it gets older and has more mileage.  Thus, it's very important to find a good auto shop and mechanics that you can trust.

After doing research and getting quotes, I took my Lexus RX 300, with high mileage, here to get some fluids drained and re-filled, such as the transmission fluid, differential fluid, and brake fluids.  I had previously checked with the Toyota Dealership (since they service some Lexus cars as well) and the Lexus Dealership and they charged about 2x or more for doing the same things.

I'm grateful I found this place.  I was able to meet with both Mike and David and both of them had taken the time to provide me with quotes over the phone and were also very courteous when I brought my car in today.  I didn't feel rushed and I could tell they actually took the time to answer your questions and listen to what you have to say about your car.

I dropped off my car and on top of the fluid work, I mentioned that there was a clicking noise due to the climate control motor near the Passenger Seat leg area that was hidden in the panels.  Mike and David took a look at it and helped me take care of the motor by unhooking it (which is what I wanted) - now the clicking is gone and they did not charge me a penny for that service.

I'm not sure about you guys, but it's the little things that matter and that meant a lot to me.  Honest, reasonable priced, friendly, and over the top service.

I'm going to be re-visiting them to get my transfer case fluid drained and re-filled as well.  Looking forward to doing business with them again!"

Edmund Y. of San Jose Ca. (Customer since 2010)

"Very knowledgeable guys at Japanese Beetle!"

"I've been taking both of my cars here for a while now. Everything from simple stuff to breaks to manufacture recommended service. Every time and I mean every time I'm please with the outcome. The guys are very knowledgeable and don't try to sell you more than what you need. Further their customer service is great, very low key but friendly.

If you are looking for a new place to take your car you may want to check out Japanese Beetle."

Eric W. of Sunnyvale, Ca

"Best extensive knowledge they have!" 

"This place is the best spot to take any vehicle of Japanese origin.

I have had two Honda's and now an Acura. They never do work I don't need and my car purrs when I drive away each time. The best part about this place is the extensive knowledge they each have. Being able to trust your mechanic and ask questions without having to feel like an idiot after will never get old to me.

I don't take my car anywhere else anymore. If you are local and drive an Japanese car/truck, try it out..."

Joel V. of Mountain View, Ca

"Experts, with good tips!" 

"Experts in exactly what they say.  They'll tell you how long it takes, and how much, and stick to just that.  They're also willing to just give you general advice and a few good tips!"

Grant W. of Sunnyvale, Ca

"I recommend them, they never have ripped me off!" 

"I always take my vehicle here. They do great work on Japanese motors, and have consistently been there for me. Moe is a great mechanic, if not one of the best they have and can truly diagnosis and solve problems. I appreciate the long time client benefits of familiarity and reasonable cost, as well not being ripped off for un-needed repairs. I would recommend them if your looking for a place to take your Honda or Japanese make automobile and don't have a good mechanic or need a second opinion. They never have ripped me off unlike other bastards."

Anil N. of Sunnyvale, Ca. (Customer since 1992)

"Worth their weight in Gold!" 

"Japanese Beetle is worth their weight in Gold. It is so nice to have trust in your mechanic. They do a great job quickly, cheaply and honestly!  I need my car and I need to trust it will get me from point A to point B with no problems. The guys at Japanese Beetle don't give you the run-a-round. They will explain to you honestly and truthfully what is needed for your car. They are SO worth the drive from San Francisco!" 

Janice Y. of San Francisco (Customer since 1990)

"Well worth the 50 min drive for Qualified, Honest & Excellent service!"

"This shop is EXCELLENT and is well is worth the 50 minute drive each way for me to have this HIGHLY qualified, HONEST, hard-working group of people work on my Acura and Toyota's.  I've been taking my cars here for several years and all experiences have been seamless!  I appreciate that these folks take pride in their work and don't try to take advantage of you!  Thanks to Mike & Dave for your continual commitment to excellence!!  See you soon!!"

Farah F. of Danville, Ca (Customer since 2003)

"They are Great!"

"You can't go wrong with Japanese Beetle inc. we have been going there for 15 years or longer and all our friends and family who own the cars they work on go there as well and they are just as happy as us about their service with Japanese Beetle. They are great!!"

Martin B. of Redwood City, Ca (customer since 1994)

"Not a rip off to your wallet!"

"I have been taking my Honda Accord '99 to them since the first 3000 mile servicing. Now it has run 144k flawlessly and I have never faced any problem with Japanese Beetle's work. Their staff is professional, honest and technically sound. Not a rip off to your wallet!"

Vishal G. of Fremont, Ca (Customer since 1989)

"You can trust and not have to worry about them!" 

"I too have been going to Japanese Beetle for many years now. I bet at least 15 years. They are always so friendly and honest. Family operated and owned since 1975. My grandfather use to go to them back in the 70's and told me about them when I got my first car. I have had a few cars since high school and all have been bought with the intentions of having Japanese Beetle work on them. It is nice to have a service place that you can trust and not have to worry about. I highly recommend them to everyone who has a Nissan, Infiniti, Lexus, Toyota, Scion, Honda or Acura"

Linda A. of Sunnyvale, Ca (Customer since 1994) Merchant Circle Cust

"Top-notch outfit, any way you look at Japanese Beetle!"

"I have been going to Japanese Beetle for nearly 25 years.  This family-owned business has kept my Hondas and Acuras running great all this time.  These guys are the most honest car repair people I have ever experienced.  In fact, I have referred many friends and co-workers (especially women who have been burned by others) to Japanese Beetle due to their honesty and integrity.  Some drive nearly 50 miles because they trust Mike and David so much.  Every single referral has been pleased and thanked me profusely.  Trust and fair pricing make Japanese Beetle a wonderful company to deal with.  They even give you advice about how to avoid future problems, resulting in less work for them!  Top-notch outfit, any way you look at it!"

Richard M. of Redwood City, Ca. (Customer since 1983)

"They are the most honest people I have ever worked with!"

"What can I say but Japanese Beetle are the most honest people I have ever worked with. I have been having them work on my cars for over 12 years now. The same people work on my cars each time so they know "my car" and it's history and they keep track of it. Their prices are very reasonable. They only use factory parts as well. Factory trained mechanics and they all are nice people too. Very honest and strait forward."

Bud C. K. of Sunnyvale, Ca (Customer since 1996) Merchant Circle Customer

"Trustworthy, Pleasant and Straight-Talking!"

"I've been going to Japanese Beetle for several years now for oil changes, A/C inspection, and parts replacements.  They were referred to my by a client who had been using them for years, so I knew they were trustworthy; and they have been since I started using them.  Just today, I busted my side mirror, and they gave me phone advice about what to do about it (where to go to get it repaired cheapest).  They are a great resource for different types of car info. Like what's a good car to get or should I replace my old car, etc.  They are run by brothers Mike and Dave who are pleasant, straight-talking, and obviously helpful.  You get good service because they guys who own the place run it.  I have and I would refer these mechanics to anyone who needs car repair"

Tamara L. of Sunnyvale, Ca (Customer Since 2002)

"Their Service & Integrity are Exceptional!"

"Your service and integrity are exceptional! I trust your suggestions implicitly and follow your suggestions without hesitation. Thank you for taking care of all three of our vehicles. (I wouldn't want to buy anything but a Honda or Toyota....cause who would take care of it?!!!)"

Beth D. of Sunnyvale, Ca. (Customer Since 2001)

"You CAN trust them with your car!"

"I've been going to Japanese Beetle for 10 years now, I was referred by two other neighbors that live on my street, and they have been going to J.B. for over 20 plus years.  Japanese Beetle is a great place to bring your Honda, Mike and Dave are very honest people, you can trust them with your car!!!!  That means a lot to me, and they DON'T over charge you like some mechanics do!"

Lauren C. of Sunnyvale Ca. (Customer since 1989)

"They will go the extra mile, even if they don't charge you for it!" 

"I just wanted to thank you for your terrific service. Last week I brought in my
2003 Honda Accord V6 EX because the radio display had gone out. Because it
was no longer under warrantee, the dealer had told me that it would cost $800 to replace. I was rather upset since I had owned the car for under 3 years and always thought Honda products were reliable. Well, Mike gave a call to Honda and worked something out with the Honda of America and the dealership who was willing to replace the whole radio and display for free. What a bonus!!

I truly appreciate Mike going the extra mile for me even though you guys didn't
make any money off this service. I will definitely be bringing in my Honda to
Japanese Beetle for any future service needed for my car."

Best Regards,

Kalvin S. of San Jose, Ca (Customer since 2005)

"I have NEVER been disappointed in Japanese Beetle since 1981!"

"As a woman who doesn't know much about cars, I've always felt completely
respected by Keith and his sons, Michael and David. Everything has always been completely explained to me until I understood it and I've never been taken
advantage of. That is really greatly appreciated over the past twenty plus years.

My other car a 1981 brand new Honda Civic was damaged by the local HONDA dealership on its first checkup (oil taken out for oil change but not replaced). I was new to California and spoke with many mechanics about the car. I accepted the recommendation of one mechanic to take the car to "Japanese Beetle" and have never been disappointed."

Constance W. of San Mateo, Ca. (Customer Since 1981)


"You guys are awesome! I wouldn't take my Honda anywhere else, and haven't for more than 25 years!"

Debbie B. of Los Gatos, Ca. (Customer Since 1980)

"One of the few shops I trust!"

"My family and I have been taking our Honda's to Japanese Beetle for as long as i can remember.  I've never had to wait more than a couple days for my repairs to be done, and they don't try to up-sell you on repairs that you didn't come in for.  If and when i buy a Honda/Acura again I will begin taking it back to them, it's one of the few shops I trust."

Gordon R. of Sunnyvale, Ca.

"It's always been a pleasure, please stay in business!"

"Each and every time that I have needed the services of Japanese Beetle it has
always been a pleasure. Highly qualified friendly personnel, honest appraisals as to what has to be done, car always returned by the time specified."

Please stay in business."

Dee. A. of Santa Clara, Ca. (Customer Since 1977)

"The guys are super easy to talk to!" 

"This is the only place i'm am willing to take my car for any repairs or service checks.  The guys are super easy to talk too and they have fair pricing.  A couple of times they did some things that they didn't even charge me for and i thought that was a nice gesture.  They have an easy to use night service box that you place your key into and you can leave your car  there so you don't have to wake up in the morning and to drop it off.  I recommend you call before taking your car because they work by appts."

Nehemias P. of Sunnyvale, Ca. (Customer since 2007)

"Never had a bad experience, we have been satisfied!" 

"We have never had a bad experience at their shop. As long as we have been
going to Japanese Beetle we have been satisfied. Thank You!"

Pat. J. of San Jose, Ca. (Customer Since 1990)

"They are Great to deal with!"

"Being in the industry over the years (retired now) I heard great things about Japanese Beetle in the past. When my son's Acura Integra was in another repair shop time after time for the same missing and overheating problems, I decided to have my son send his car to Japanese Beetle to see what they can do for us. They not only found and fixed the problems for good, they made a new customer who will gladly spread the word. They were great to deal with!"

Gil M. Dealer in Chevron Service of San Jose, Ca. (Customer Since 2006)

"They give mechanics a good name!"

"I highly trust you guys at Japanese Beetle and feel confident in bringing my car in for regularly scheduled services as well as unusual mechanical problems. You give mechanics a good name and I recommend you whenever I can!"

Andrea L. of Mt. View, Ca. (Customer Since 1990)

"They only suggest work that is necessary!" 

"What more do I need to say -- I've been a regular customer since 1991!
I appreciate the fact that you only suggest the work that is necessary at the time. I came in once and said I thought I needed new brakes. I got a call a short while later stating that the brakes were fine; I just needed an adjustment. Right then, I knew Japanese Beetle was interested in having my business for the long-term, versus making a quick buck by charging me for something I didn't need right then. And the result is you've had my business for 14 years since you demonstrated that you weren't out to take advantage of me."

Athar S. of Sunnyvale, Ca. (Customer Since 1991)

"We trust them, unlike the dealership!" 

"We trust you that the repairs recommended are really necessary. Unlike at the
dealer, where non-required services are often pushed and not-needed."

Art & Ann M. of Cupertino, Ca. (Customer Since 1995)

"They charge half of what other places charge!"

"This place is the best. I took my 99 Honda Civic because I had problems with my clutch and a couple of other places said it was my clutch and it had to be replaced. After reading the reviews of Japanese Beetle online I decided to get it checked out at this place and to my surprise Japanese Beetle only charged me half of what the other places were charging and the problem was the last guy who did my service (at another shop) put  the wrong type of oil in the transmission. So it cost me a fraction of what I was expecting and my car is back to running like new. This place is great!"

Carlos G. of Sunnyvale, Ca (Customer Since 2010)

"Thank you for such valuable service!"

"You guys are the BEST!!!! I would not take my car anywhere else. Thank you for being there! We will only buy a Honda or Lexus because we do not want to use any other mechanics. Mike, David and formerly their father, Keith by far run the most honest, reliable, dependable shop I have ever experienced.
They are the best! If only everyone took such pride in their work and in providing the consumer with such a valuable service. Thank you!!"

Susie and Don O. of Los Gatos, Ca. (Customer Since 1985)

"I've ALWAYS satisfied with their work, prices and honesty!"

"I have always been satisfied with the quality and price of your service and have recommended you to many friends. Keep up the good work. I also appreciated your recommendations for other shops who performed services that you did not provide (smog testing, etc.)

You guys are great. You are fair and honest. I have no hesitation about
recommending your shop to anyone."

Dave T. of Sunnyvale, Ca. (Customer Since 1995)

"Great place to get your car fixed!" 

"I love the service at Japanese Beetle. This is a great place to get your car fixed!!"

Anna T. of Saratoga, Ca. (Customer Since 1986)

"Their work is with Quality & Pride!"

"I have been a Honda owner since moving to CA in 1982 and have taken every
one of them (2 Honda's , 2 Acura's) to Japanese Beetle. Keith built my trust at the start, now Michael and David continue that tradition by give me straight answers and completing my car repairs with quality and pride..."

Kurt D. of Livermore, Ca. (Customer Since 1984)

"I can't refer Japanese Beetle enough!"

"What I like best about Japanese Beetle is that I can trust them and know I'm not getting ripped off. I'm not comfortable taking my car anywhere else.

Thanks and keep up the great work. I can't refer you enough."

Carolyn T. of Campbell, Ca. (Customer Since 1985)

"I trust them 100% since 1978!"

"Awesome full service facility. They do everything but body work and tires. We have been going to them for 30 years almost now. Never had any issues with their service or trusting them 100%. Mike and Dave are great to deal with. The business is family owned since 1975 so that makes them work that much harder to keep you as a customer and they have kept our whole family as customers for almost 30 years now and I am sure will for the next 30 years and longer. It is hard to find a repair place like theirs who you can trust and knows what they are doing!"

Wayne C. of Mt. View, Ca (customer since 1978)

"Their prices, service & dependability is the BEST!" 

"My family and I have been going to Japanese Beetle Inc. since 1980. I have told many of my friends and working staff about them. They are experts on Honda, Acura, Lexus, Toyota and Scion Automobiles. Their prices are very good but their service and dependability is the best! They only use factory parts which is a plus for keeping quality up. Give them a try. They do book by appointment only  because they are always busy."

Leo P. of Sunnyvale, Ca  (Customer since 1980)

"They are the BEST!" 

"I originally found Japanese Beetle as a starving student and from the help of a AAA representative who had let me know that the approval rating for this place and Hondas were 98% customer satisfaction. I never knew how many reviews in total but from my understanding, "many" was the word used.

It has been over 20 years since then and I cannot compliment enough about the work from this place. It prides itself on being cheaper than the dealerships using factory parts and it does this very well. I have had my Honda Accord, CRX, Acura Integra, and Acura TSX done here over these last dozen years without any complaint. They do great service which is why most of my cars are near the 200k mileage mark and no signs of breaking down.

They have performed traditional work like 15k, 30k, 60k, 90k, timing belt, radiator changes, car antenna changes on time, always with a smile, and very knowledgeable.

They are at their best when it comes to odd fixes like the Acura car antenna which was 50% cheaper than the dealership.

They are the most trusted for me as an Independent Honda Mechanic and nowhere else would I go to for questions on the health of my cars. Do your homework on prices as always."

Ivan K. of Belmont, Ca. (Customer since 1989)

"A truthful, honest & knowledgeable repair facility!" 

"I have been coming to Japanese Beetle for over 17 years now. I was told by a
co-worker that Japanese Beetle is the place to get your car serviced. Over the
years our family has grown, cars have come and gone but we always look for a car that the guys at Japanese Beetle work on as a must. They are SO nice to have in your back pocket when you need them because you can trust what they say and trust the repairs that they do. You can trust them 100%. I always feel like home when I deal with the guys at Japanese Beetle. Dealerships need to watch out for Japanese Beetle Inc. and they could learn many things from them. From customer service, servicing and especially pricing.

I was not surprised to see Japanese Beetle Inc. listed as a Top Rated "Consumer's Check Book" Auto Repair Facility for the Bay Area year after year. They are always voted Best for Price, Quality and Customer Satisfaction! over the rest!

I highly recommend Japanese Beetle Inc. to anyone looking for a truthful, honest
and knowledgeable repair facility!

Thank you very much for your time and wonderful service over the years!"

Maggie C. of Livermore, Ca. (Customer Since 1988)

"I don't get ripped off!" 

"I appreciate that the "boys" there know me by name and know my car - through my years of experience I have confidence that I am getting what I pay for and am not being ripped off.

Japanese Beetle was recommended to me some 12 years ago by friends - who are still friends - and I have recommended Japanese Beetle to all my friends who drive Japanese cars - and I can say that I have not heard a single complaint - only grateful thanks for the recommendation."

Dr. Basil R. of Sunnyvale Ca. (Customer Since 1993)

"Good service and they treat me with respect!"

"I found Japanese Beetle on a suggestion of someone online 8 years ago. I live in Castro Valley Ca. and over the years it is still well worth the 45 minute drive from home to Sunnyvale to get my car worked on. The guys there always treat me with respect and the prices are good too. All around good service experiences and dealings with Japanese Beetle."

George S. of Castro Valley (Customer since 1997)

"You guys are the Best!" 

"I love you guys! Your The Best! I first came to you all in 1979 with my 79 Honda Accord. I finally sold the 79 Accord and upgraded to a new Honda Accord this year completely on your recommendations. You guys are again the best. I really respect what you say and completely trust your repairs and judgments to how my cars are doing. I like how you can prioritize what should be done now and when any other items should be done to both save me money and to protect me for harm or further damage to my cars. Thank you all for your wonderful service and for being there when I need you. After hearing many horror stories from friends who go elsewhere for car repair, I am very glad I have you as my mechanics and I always recommend you guys to all my friends."

Chris G. of Santa Clara Ca. (Customer since 1979)

"You do a Great Job!!!!

I have been going to Japanese Beetle for 8+ years. David and Mike work on all
three of my children's cars plus my car. They are great! Can't imagine going any place else to get my car serviced!!"

Cherie E. of Santa Clara, Ca. (Customer since 1996)

"I feel good & confident bringing my car to Japanese Beetle!"

"My service with you all has been good or I wouldn't keep coming back!

I feel good & confident when I bring my Honda into the Japanese Beetle for

Many times I have brought in a project to complete while waiting for my car repair & find I find I don't have the time to complete it because the work on my Honda is completed so quickly."

Bobbi E. of Cupertino, Ca. (Customer since 1998)

"They are honest and do good work!" 

"I've never had a problem and have recommended Japanese Beetle to others.
I know I can always depend on Japanese Beetle to be honest and do good work."

Eric C. of Sunnyvale, Ca. (Customer since 1989)

"We have ALWAYS been happy with Japanese Beetle!"

"We have been going to Japanese Beetle for quite a few years for service to our 1994 Honda Accord. We have ALWAYS been happy with the result. One of the services I really appreciate about Japanese Beetle is the fact that they do little things at no cost...for example, whenever my tail lights burn out they replace the bulbs ..and also, when I was having trouble with my Air Conditioner they unclogged it for me. I would recommend it to anyone without reservation"

Esther A. of Sunnyvale, Ca. (Customer since 1996)

"We've been using Japanese Beetle since 1975!"

"We've been using Japanese Beetle since the 70's when we had an N600 and they were in Santa Clara.  We've had a series of Hondas over the years and they've all been supported through Japanese Beetle.  Our most recent, a Pilot, is also receiving excellent care at a reasonable price.  We've recommended these guys to several friends and they've all reported similar service."

George H. of Sunnyvale, Ca (Customer since 1975)

"Fine work & Honest Mechanics!" 

"Please accept this personal testimonial as a small token of my appreciation for you being two words which usually don't belong in the same sentence... "Honest Mechanics"!  I genuinely appreciate your fine work and honesty. May God bless you and your families in the coming New Year!" 

Rose. F. of Sunnyvale, CA (Customer since 1994)

"I wouldn't trust anyone else but Japanese Beetle!" 

"I have been going to Japanese Beetle for 14 years and wouldn't trust anyone else to work on my Honda. They keep my car running in tip-top shape, they provide an affordable service, and most importantly they are honest."

Joann M. of Menlo Park, Ca. (Customer since 1991)

"Honesty is a fact about Japanese Beetle!"

"One very important item is HONESTY. Due to the fact that Japanese Beetle was very honest with me during my first visit and gave me an alternative to spending a lot of money on unnecessary repairs, I not only decided to continue coming to you, I have referred my friends and family. Please keep maintaining this type of integrity, it really sets you apart from competition and ensures a long-lasting relationship with your clients."

Maryam B. of Santa Clara (Customer since 2001)

"Absolutely delighted with their work!"

"I've been absolutely delighted with your quality of work and your willingness to discuss, at length, alternative solutions to problems. I always come away with a high degree of trust and confidence in the folks who run Japanese Beetle - Honda, Acura, Toyota & Lexus Auto Care. After trying several other Honda repair shops in this area, I settled on this one and strongly recommend them to all my friends."

Jim L. of Mountain View (Customer since 2005)

"I trust Japanese Beetle and my service experience is The Best!" 

"My service experience has been The Best! It has been a great relationship. I trust Japanese Beetle completely with all my Honda vehicles."

Joyce D. of Cupertino (Customer since 1994)

"They are interested in Customer Satisfaction!

"It's evident that they are very interested in customer satisfaction. I've never had a problem with the services they provide. You only have to come to Japanese Beetle once to know that you'll always be back!!!!"

Judith C. of Sunnyvale, Ca (Customer since 1995)

"You guys are the best!"

"You guys are the best! You've discovered the key to running a great
business...building trust with your customer base.

I have only the most positive things to same about my eight years as a customer of Japanese Beetle. These guys truly care about their customers and have the customer's needs in mind especially with respect to effective, quick service as a very competitive price.

I happily drive 30 miles from my house to Japanese Beetle (passing many other
repair locations along the way) to make sure my Hondas and Acura's get the best care."

John H. of Boulder Creek, Ca. (Customer since 1998)

"The best mechanics I've ever used!"

"Great service every time! Straight shooters each time I come in. Compared to
other auto repair shops, I completely trust their suggestions and recommendations. If they say I need it, I know I need it....I don't feel that they're simply trying to get more business for themselves.

These guys are honest, good, and are the best auto mechanics I've ever used!"

Jim F. of Dublin Ca. (Customer since 2000)

"Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!"

"When I found Japanese Beetle 15 years ago it was because I was so upset with the service I was getting through the dealership, so I did some searching. I found Japanese Beetle to have the best prices, and they explained what was happening with my car and they broke down the cost for me so I could understand the whole situation. I felt like I could trust them. Then once I gave them a try I was hooked! They are very honest and up front, they will tell me when something really needs to be done and when I can hold off on a repair. I appreciate this type of honesty. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!"

Julie O. of San Jose Ca. (Customer since 1990)

"About 40% cheaper than the dealership!"

"When I first arrived Japanese Beetle due to a mechanical issue with my Acura, it was due to a recurring problem that the Japanese Beetle technicians diagnosed immediately and did not even charge me for. The dealership had attempted to fix the problem but the fix lasted only 9 months. Japanese Beetle was able to show me how to insure the problem would not recur and also saved me $75 in diagnostic and another $100 in fixing the issue. That was about 40% cheaper than the dealership and a fix that has lasted for over 2 years now. Thanks Japanese Beetle!"

Ivan K. of Belmont, Ca. (Customer since 1989)

"I trust Japanese Beetle to fix any issue I have with my cars!"

"I trust Japanese Beetle to find the right fix for any issue I have with my cars and I have had great experiences with them every time."

Marc J. of Los Gatos, Ca. (Customer since 1980)

"They have my best interests in mind!" 

"I appreciate that you guys recommend what needs to be done to my car and don't take advantage of the fact that I'm not a mechanic who knows what you know. You tell me what's necessary or recommended, but you don't try to talk me into unnecessary (expensive) services. I've had that happen elsewhere and, thankfully, I've had my brother and father (who are mechanics, among other things) to keep me from spending unnecessary money, but it's nice to know I'm dealing with honest and knowledgeable professionals at Japanese Beetle who have my best interests in mind. Thanks!"

Katy K. of Santa Clara, Ca. (Customer since 2000)

"Quality & Service, I know my car is in good hands!"

"The thing I like about Japanese Beetle is they are honest and does the repairs that are really required. The cost is Reasonable & Competitive. They deliver on time.

I feel comfortable going to a place where I can have confidence that my car
is in good hands, as they have been in this business for a long time and they
have remained in the same capacity over the years. They take only the right
amount of vehicles/day so they can do justice for their customers in terms of quality of Service.

I would strongly recommend Japanese Beetle. It is better that going to the dealers where the costs are high because of their overhead."

Sathya M. of Cupertino, Ca. (Customer since 1994)

"These guys are Great!" 

"I was in town on business when my '90's Nissan Pathfinder started making a serious sounding squealing noise.  I took it to two places for a look-see (one a Nissan dealer) and both were ready to charge me just to even try to figure out what it was.  They also advised against me driving it to LA until I got it fixed.  Mike at Japanese Beetle looked at it right away and took it in the shop for an adjustment.  20 minutes later I was on my way home to LA.  

Mike refused to take any payment for this.  I've been to too many car repair places to remember over the last 20 years, and believe me when I say that as far as customer service, these guys are great.  

If lived anywhere near this shop I would happily give them my business..."

Dina A. of Landcaster CA. 2009

"Honest and didn't rip me off!"

"These guys are great.  I'm usually pretty worried about getting ripped off when I get work done on my car but this place was really honest with me and didn't rip me off."

Jeff H. of San Mateo CA. 

"I'm very pleased!" 

"I have been very pleased with all of the service that I have received from Japanese Beetle on my 1990 Integra and my son's Acura NSX.

Good honest service at reasonable prices!"

Martin H. of Santa Clara, Ca. (Customer since 1996)

"They get it done right!"

"I truly believe that the only reason I'm still driving my 1987 Acura Legend Coupe with 219,000+ miles on it is the quality of manufacturing to begin with and the fact that 7+ years ago I have trusted the guys at Japanese Beetle to service my car.

I trust their automobile service and repair at the Japanese Beetle. They get it done right!"

Richard F. of San Jose, Ca. (Customer since 1998)

"I appreciate their attention to my requests!"

"I've depended for many years on their honesty, integrity, mechanical skills, and good will. I've always believed that they did what they said they would do. I've appreciated their willingness to give me information and advice about my auto needs even when it did not profit them. They have played an important role in my life with Hondas.

I have always felt that Japanese Beetle were honest in their evaluations and
recommendations for repairs. It is important to me to feel they have integrity in their business. I feel safe driving my car when they check it over.

I also appreciate their attention to my occasional requests for miniscule services, such as a broken knob. I feel taken care of by these guys, very important for a retired single lady."

Sheila P. of San Jose Ca. (Customer since 1981)

"Fantastic, great work and all professionally!" 

"Fantastic customer service. I've enjoyed every time I've had to leave my car, they do great work, fix what needs to be done and do it all very professionally.

My first visit to Japanese Beetle was awesome! I wanted an all over check of a
used Lexus I purchased. They took a good look at the car and reported it was in perfect condition, nothing needed repairs. That was the first time I'd ever heard that at a car service shop and decided that Japanese Beetle would be my new service shop!

The staff is so friendly, accommodating and informative - they do a great job
making you feel good about your car and the service you receive. I highly
recommend Japanese Beetle."

Katie C. of San Jose Ca. (Customer since 2004)

"You guys are great!"

"You guys are great, including the mechanics.

I appreciate your friendliness. I thank you for being patient in explaining things to someone like me who doesn't know a thing about cars."

Yo-Ling M. of Los Gatos, Ca. (Customer since 1995)

"I love those guys at Japanese Beetle!"

"I've been bringing my Hondas to Japanese Beetle since 1988. Eighteen years of excellent service with a personal touch keeps me coming back. I recommend
Japanese Beetle to all my friends by pointing out the great price difference between Japanese Beetle and what the dealer charges. I have nothing but good things to say about how they run their business. I love those guys!"

Annedore K. of Cupertino, Ca. (Customer since 1988)

"Excellent, knowledgeable & friendly!"

"I've used Japanese Beetle for better than 20 years, through two cars whose total mileage has exceeded 500,000+ miles. I believe much of this is due to their
excellent, knowledgeable, friendly and rapid service."

Steve S. of Mountain View, Ca. (Customer since 1984)

"Honest Repair Facility!"

"Japanese Beetle is the only shop we will take our cars to. Excellent service,
reasonable prices, and only services that are needed are performed. What else
could you want in a honest auto repair facility?

I met Mike and Dave after someone suggested that I take my car to them since I was having a problem with the dealers work. That was over 10 years ago. Now two Acuras and two Hondas later, they are the only ones that we use. Their biggest attribute is honesty. Many times they have told me that something does not need to be changed or can be changed later (inspite of the fact that we know very little about cars). We have also found their prices to be extremely reasonable, not only in comparison to dealers but to other shops as well. We will continue to use them exclusively!"

Naveen B. of San Jose, Ca. (Customer since 1998)

"The most integrity of ANY shop i've ever dealt with!"

"You guys are simply the best! I continue to refer everyone I know who has a
Honda or Toyota to Japanese Beetle.

For anyone who is "afraid" of being ripped off by smaller shops, Japanese Beetle has the most integrity of ANY shop I have ever dealt with, including dealers. These guys tell you the straight scoop and will not try to sell you services or parts you don't need. If you own a Honda or Toyota (including Acura and Lexus), then you will find dealing with Mike and David one of the best car repair/maintenance experiences you have had!"

Richard M. of Woodside, Ca. (Customer since 1983)

"I've been impressed since day one since 1981!"

"I've been bringing in my the two Hondas I've owned to Japanese Beetle since
1981 and have never had a problem with the service or repair. From day one, I
was impressed with the honesty and reliability of the service. When something
needs a repair (fortunately, not very often with a Honda!) the lads at Japanese
Beetle have always fixed it right the first time. I like having a shop that I can feel complete trust -- sometimes I will just leave the car at the shop in the morning before they are open, put the car key in the service envelope and put it in the door slot. I would never dare doing that at a dealer's repair shop."

Michael K. of Santa Clara, Ca. (Customer since 1981)

"Fair and Honest repairs!"

"I believe Japanese Beetle has been fair and honest about their repairs.
They have kept my car in good working condition and lets you know in plenty of time about items that need to be taken care of or repaired immediately."

Angela R. of Sunnyvale, Ca. (Customer since 1999)

"They have always been perfect, and won't break the bank!"

"Anyone who purchases a new or used Toyota, Lexus or Honda, Acura should use Japanese Beetle. The services has always been perfect on the 7 cars my family has brought to them over the years. The cost is so reasonable you can afford to have all of the suggested work done on your cars without breaking the bank."

Susanne R. of Sunnyvale, Ca (Customer since 1990)

"I trust their work!"

"I like their service very much and I have made many recommendations to my
friends and coworkers. They have been using Japanese Beetle also.

Japanese Beetle is run as a real family-owned shop. They let customers feel that they care. I feel lucky that my husband helped me find Japanese Beetle. It is near my company and they always delivered the work within the time they promised. I trust their work."

Stacey L. of Saratoga, Ca. (Customer since 1998)

"Honest, Excellent & The Best!"

"When I first bought my Acura, I had several bad experiences at the dealers &
other independent shops. From my very first visit to Japanese Beetle, I felt so lucky to have found such a great shop! From your quick diagnosis of problems, to the prompt, reasonably priced repairs, I am always 100% satisfied with your work!

You guys are the BEST! The quality of work is always excellent. You explain
things well & help me to prioritize any immediately necessary repairs vs. repairs that can wait a while. Your prices are very competitive, especially considering the high level of expertise your mechanics offer. Your customer service employees are always helpful, friendly, & above all HONEST! Keep up the EXCELLENT work!!!

Don't waste your time or money going to the dealers or other shops. Japanese
Beetle is the best full service shop you will ever find for the cars they specialize in. When I buy my next car, it will be a make they work on because I know I have found a shop I trust completely. They are true experts who offer honest value on quality car repair. Of all the cars I've owned, and all the shops I've ever tried, Japanese Beetle is BY FAR the best car repair experience possible!!!!"

Renee R. of Sunnyvale Ca. (Customer Since 2000)

"They defy the stereotype that mechanics rip you off!"

"The few times I have taken my Hondas to the dealer it has been much more
expensive, I have not been treated as well as Japanese Beetle treats me, and I have not been as satisfied. I trust the people who work at Japanese Beetle and they defy the stereotype that mechanics are out to rip you off (like I have felt at many other car repair places)."

Victoria E. of Cupertino, Ca. (Customer since 1986)

"I trust them, they are the best!"

"I like that they are not always calling back to tack on more repairs. They only call if something needs to be taken care of they are not drumming up extra business.

I trust Mike and Dave. I have been a happy customer for over 5 years, they are the best!"

Larry B. of Sunnyvale, Ca. (Customer since 1999)

"Good mechanic facility!"

My family and I have been bringing my cars to Japanese Beetle since 1982. I have moved here and there but always take my cars to Japanese Beetle even if I live 2 hours away. I never have any problems with them or my cars breaking down. They are 100% honest, trustworthy and always cheaper than the dealership and use factory parts. Their techs have all been there for 23 years or more and they know what they are doing. Give them a try. It is hard to find a good mechanic facility and they are not good they are awesome! Glad to pass on the word!

Lynn C. of Pleasanton Ca. (Customer since 1982)

"High level of expertise they offer with 100% honesty!"

"When I first bought my Acura, I had several bad experiences at the dealers & other independent shops. From my very first visit to Japanese Beetle, I felt so lucky to have found such a great shop! From your quick diagnosis of problems, to the prompt, reasonably priced repairs, I am always 100% satisfied with their work on my cars!
Those guys are great! The quality of work is always excellent. They explain things well & help me to prioritize any immediately necessary repairs vs. repairs that can wait a while. Their prices are very competitive, especially considering the high level of expertise your mechanics offer. Their customer service employees are always helpful, friendly, & above all 100% HONEST! Throughout the years they have always kept up the EXCELLENT work I need and pay for!!!
I would never waste my time or money going to the dealers or other shops. Japanese Beetle is the best full service shop you will ever find for the cars they specialize in. When I buy my next car, it will be a make they work on because I know I have found a shop I trust completely. They are true experts who offer honest value on quality car repair. Of all the cars I've owned, and all the shops I've ever tried, Japanese Beetle is in my opinion the best car repair experience possible!!!! My wife and I and our whole neighborhood block practically have been coming to Japanese Beetle for over 20 years about now. I think they deserve to be in business another 30 years!"

Rori M. of Sunnyvale, Ca. (Customer since 1994)

"Total Experts!" 

I have been going to there for over 10 years, and have had nothing less that outstanding service.
It is family owned.  The guys there are total experts.  Compared to a dealer, their prices are lower and their quality of service is much higher.
Honestly, if you own a Honda, there is no reason to take your car anywhere else.

Deoskar M. of Sunnyvale, Ca. (Customer since 1997)

Consumer's Check Book Subscriber Statements:

Subscriber from SAN JOSE, CA wrote on 03/24/08
"I have been with Japanese Beetle off & on since 1987 when I moved to CA. The "off & on" is only because I haven't always owned a Honda. I purchased a used Honda and was told soon thereafter by another mechanic that I would need to replace $800 of belts & hoses. This made sense considering the car had 194K miles on it but I had just had it checked over when I purchased it and this was not a problem then so I grew suspicious. I took my car to Japanese Beetle, they charged me $25 to diagnose that I did NOT need any of the items and I drove the car to 296K miles (and sold it running!) without ever replacing one of those belts or hoses. These guys are GREAT and honest. I was trying to be lazy by using a mechanic close to me but I drive to Sunnyvale for these guys!"
Subscriber from SUNNYVALE, CA wrote on 08/21/07
"This is a family-run business and I feel I get very personalized service. I trust them to recommend what's right to keep my car running smoothly."
Subscriber from SUNNYVALE, CA wrote on 05/01/07
"Always honest, always on time. I would buy another Acura just because they would service it!"
Subscriber from LOS ALTOS, CA wrote on 08/18/16
            "These guys are wonderful. Not always the least expensive shop, 
              but they are honest, reliable and very knowledgeable. Highly 

Subscriber from SUNNYVALE, CA wrote on 08/11/15
            "These guys do a good job and are honest; they will always tell 
              you if they think that a repair isn't necessary."

Subscriber from SUNNYVALE, CA wrote on 08/26/13
Needed a new shop for my 1996 Acura Integra's 120,000-mile 
              service. Was pleased with the work and more secure about 
              taking a northern-to-southern California road trip the 
              following week. Recommended!"

Subscriber from CUPERTINO, CA wrote on 08/21/13
            "Mike & David (owners) are very helpful with advice and has 
              more than once done little things for free that a dealer would 
              have charged for. I have been getting my Hondas serviced 
              here for thirty years."

Subscriber from SUNNYVALE, CA wrote on 11/18/11
            "Excellent, knowledgeable service. I can talk directly with the 
              mechanics and, for my older Honda, can choose new or 
              rebuilt parts as appropriate."

Subscriber from CUPERTINO, CA wrote on 11/14/11
            "Japanese Beetle employees are always helpful, pleasant and 
              honest. I often call them to ask when/if something is due to 
              be serviced and they give me an honest answer and advice. 
              I have gone to them for many years, first with my Honda 
              and later with my Toyota, and I have always been happy with 
              their service and their prices. They are the best!"

Subscriber from SUNNYVALE, CA wrote on 09/27/11
             "These guys work on your car as if it were their own. They 
               do everything they can to make your car run smoothly, 
               and keep you posted on what they are doing and what they 
               may need to do."

Subscriber from SUNNYVALE, CA wrote on 08/17/11
             "If you want 100% reliable service at a reasonable cost, that 
               you can trust, these are the guys."

Subscriber from SUNNYVALE, CA wrote on 08/09/10
             "I have been taking my Honda to them for twelve years and 
               am very glad to have them in the neighborhood. We also 
               take our Toyota to them now."

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