Environmentally Friendly is our focus!

Japanese Beetle Inc. is in compliance with all environmental regulations. We've also adopted additional pollution prevention techniques and resource conservation practices.


Japanese Beetle Inc. is continuing to seek out solutions that are environmentally friendly. As a result, we belong to many hazardous waste programs and monthly have our waste containers and their contents removed and recycled.


Here are some other examples of what we do....


Our Top 10 Green Auto Repair / Business Practices

Good Shop Keeping & Pollution Prevention

1. We minimize the liquids we use and dispose of them properly. Spills are cleaned up immediately using dry clean-up practices.

2. We use absorbents that can be recycled. Along with the use of a squeegee and dust pan or an oil mop and recycle the fluids.

3. We took on the California Adopt A Highway Program and adopted a 2 mile section of highway 280 in Sunnyvale to help in the pollution prevention of our city.

Solid Waste Reduction

4. We use recycling containers for newspapers, cardboard, plastic, metals and glass.

5. We order motor oil, anti-freeze and other fresh fluids in bulk, rather than in multiple, individual throw a way containers.

6. We (when possible) eliminate the use of spray cans. Replaced with refillable spray containers.

7. We recycle all used metals (parts, bolts, etc.)  that normally would be thrown into a dumpster or landfill. We also recycle all replacement car batteries.

Energy Savings

8. We replaced bulbs and fixtures with whenever feasible to produce good lighting with lower energy use. We also installed 12 natural lighting sky light fixtures to help save electricity during the work day.  

9. We've installed timers and / or motion sensors to shut off lights in rooms that are not in constant use throughout the work day.

Water Savings

10. We have eliminated unnecessary car washing or engine washing. When needed, for exterior cleaning uses only we use only plain water to prevent soapy water from entering a storm drain.




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